Wednesday, 6 July 2011

If you eat blue dog biscuts you can fly!!!

 I want this hat...Just because it has an E for ellie on it..but it'ts not a snapback so there is no chance of it fitting me!

 If I had more money I would buy all these and the lippy!!. I am obbsessseddd!!!

Sound of Seasons

I did a Music Video last week for a Sydney band called ' Sound Of Seasons'. It was shot in Rockdale, quite convienient for me really, just down the road, In an old creepy Warehouse..It was prety fun, very cold..probably the most cold I have ever been. I actually did a bit more acting in this video :) click here to check them out...this is not the video I am in, that should be out in a week or so.

Which reminds me....the Israel Cruise Music video is now OUT!!!!!! Haha I'm barley in it but ohwell its still funkayy and I had a ball.

                      There is my blonde little head YES!


 Latley I've been loving Nike shoes, so much that I decided to design a few pairs to choose from. I think I like the last pair the best! So expensive I want two pairs!!! But I can only afford one! Boo hoo :'(

RAY ISSAC-teaser is out!

Cant wait to see the actual Video :)


Last friday night me and Tash got dressed up to go to a party at Radio host/presenter's house Kyle Sandilands.

The beautiful producer for the Ray Issac Music Video Invited us to go with her and a few of her friends. Natasha and I got picked up at 7pm and driven halfway accross sydney in a lovely car, I dont know what kind it was though as I am not into cars..all I know was it was white and had nice leather seats hahaha. The party was fun. His house..well I have no words to explain how NICE it was! Heres a sneak peak..

      We hungout in this room, drank vodka,champagne and pretended we knew how to play pool..haha me and tash are not very good.

                                                                     Fitting in nicely I see

Tim's still in Bali!!
I miss him soo much.


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