Sunday, 29 May 2011

Slurpy Hair and Spankey Pants

Do you like my new hair?  I got the train to Milsons Point on Saturday Morning and went to Wild Life  Hair to get a new hair-doo, for free!! Yay..  I was used as a model for  a cut & colour competition a few months ago and  as compensation I get my hair cut and coloured for the next 6-12 months for free…woopppeee! I decided to go for a little bit of a change as it’s getting colder and im sick of all blonde.


Saturday Night Dinner!! Tash and I made our yummy  special recipe to crumb some chicken strips and we made a little salad and some chippies. 

This morning I signed my employment contract for Finding Fairyland :)
Very exciting.

This afternoon me and Tash went down to Rockdale to run a few errands and pick up some stuff from the shops. Tash ended up getting a new haircut and I ended up with a huge bag of goodies from the $2 shop hehe. Cheap DvD’s, lollies for the kids at Gymnastics, a new hairbrush with a spray bottle , some soap that smells delicious like peaches and cream and lots of other things! We walked around Rockdale for a while…well a very long while trying to search for a yummy sandwich shop but we ended up getting chicken burgers from this gross burger shop, we came home to eat our food and we discovered they had completely ruined our burgers.. Not very happy :(

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Flying catterpillars is not my thing!

I took myself over to North Sydney on Saturday morning to do some training  for my new fairy job, pretty easy I just went to one of the fairy parties and took notes down :) it was lots of fun I’m so very excited to start doing my own parties!! Catherine my boss said that I should be starting to go along to parties with the other entertainers just to get some more training. Catherine’s really good at puppetry she had a cute little owl called Pop O, and face painting and oohhh so  many cool things..and and andddddddd she said they have done parties for Collette Dinnigan, Jimmy Barnes  and other famous people….thats soo amazing! I love Jimmy Barnes and so did my dadda.

Catherine gave me a costume to take home, to use for my training, my actual own fairy dress is getting made I think..weeee my own fairy dress!

After  spending the morning stuck in traffic and driving all around the place me and Natasha drove down to Kiama to see Tim, got down there very late, didn’t stay long, ate some honey chicken and left my makeup bag in his car! Thank goodness his friend Abe is driving back to Sydney today so I can go pick it up..annoying!

We stoped off at Buli Lookout because I needed a break from driving. We happend to come accross a lovely wedding.

Last weekend I caught the train down to Gerringong to see Timmy and go to his friends Birthday Party in Jambaroo. I rugged up very well with 3 jumpers a jacket, pants with tights underneath, a beanie and was one of the coldest nights I have ever experienced..only problem was that a couple of people asked if i was wearing pajamas..NOOOOOO I WAS NOT!!.. Fun party, they had a spit roast and soo much food, we ate a lot! We ended up getting kinda stuck out there and had to get a $80 taxi back to Tims house…not goood. But I had a lovely weekend anyway.

I have needed a new pair of these for ages! So cute. Thankyou Marrickville Asian shops.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

whats beeen going onn??

I got these about a week and a half ago. SO MANY MANDARINS. I've been eating so many. There is only 5 left :D
I purchased this for $13

My Mum came up to Sydney for a few nights last week. I had the best 3 days. I love her to bits and peices! Too bad I wrecked the picture haha.

While Mum was here she taught me how to make home made chocolates...YUM. They were delish!

 Natasha and I had a day out at the beginning of the week. We went to a few opp shops and then out to lunch. It was lovely.


Jacket I found while shopping YAY!!!! New fave!

Thankyou Jasmin for this dress :)

This is what I wore to the Movie Casting today :)

Busy Busy Little Bumble Bee

Having a blog is sometimes a bad idea. I feel bad I haven’t been on my blog in about a week…eeeek! I have been very busy indeed.
Well, that Children’s entertainer job that I went for……I GOT IT!!! I ‘m over the moon about it! Finally stuff starts to pay off!

I finally found the Kotex Commercial I was in, click on the link to see more

I also recently did a shoot in Darlington with Nathan Hendry which was pretty fucking cool, lots of paint, paint tins and all sorts of crazy stuff, it makes me very happy  I had the oppourtunnity to do a shoot like this as my dad was a painter, he passed away only recently :(

Natasha came along with me to keep me company and they ended up doing her hair and makeup and they took photos of the both of us, the Makeup artist was  this cool little chick whos been in the navy for the last few years…I learnt there is a lot of benefits from working from the army or navy, they pay for your house rent and stuff..wowzerrrrrrrs.

Here are some of the results.

My agency sent me a message late tuesday arvo asking if I could make it to a casting in Redfern today for a Movie called ‘THE 20 SOMETHING SURVIVAL GUIDE’  I don’t know much about the movie, all I know is that I applied for the character of Gypsy – a tattooed waitress. I had to learn a script…I've never done that before, I was super nervous so I am not too sure if I got the part or not..hopefully I’ll find out soon.

I'm still super busy and have alot of things to organise...goodbye for now~

Ps. I should have some clothes up here for sale soon I just need to go pick up my giant collection from darlinghurst tommorow night, ill take some snaps and get them up here asap.

PPS. go have a look and buy somethingg :)