Tuesday, 3 May 2011

These photos are from when we went to get Tims other foot tattoo'd,Nataly the tattoo chick has a clothing range called People Love Poison 
She asked Tim and I if we could put some of her clothing on so she could get a few snaps..we were happy to help :)

I drove this time because tim would not have been able to drive home..he could barley walk after his tattoos, We parked in the same petrol station as last time...haha! Tim just asked nicely again :D

Gymnastics this afternoon was fantastic!!! The kids were goood, and I had a helper this time..a guy..the kids will actually listen to me a bit more now..aaha.One of the girls in my class brang in her little budgie in after gymnastics...so cute.


I am very tired after lots of gymnastics...I have a big day tommorow so I should probably try and go to bed early.