Sunday, 29 May 2011

Slurpy Hair and Spankey Pants

Do you like my new hair?  I got the train to Milsons Point on Saturday Morning and went to Wild Life  Hair to get a new hair-doo, for free!! Yay..  I was used as a model for  a cut & colour competition a few months ago and  as compensation I get my hair cut and coloured for the next 6-12 months for free…woopppeee! I decided to go for a little bit of a change as it’s getting colder and im sick of all blonde.


Saturday Night Dinner!! Tash and I made our yummy  special recipe to crumb some chicken strips and we made a little salad and some chippies. 

This morning I signed my employment contract for Finding Fairyland :)
Very exciting.

This afternoon me and Tash went down to Rockdale to run a few errands and pick up some stuff from the shops. Tash ended up getting a new haircut and I ended up with a huge bag of goodies from the $2 shop hehe. Cheap DvD’s, lollies for the kids at Gymnastics, a new hairbrush with a spray bottle , some soap that smells delicious like peaches and cream and lots of other things! We walked around Rockdale for a while…well a very long while trying to search for a yummy sandwich shop but we ended up getting chicken burgers from this gross burger shop, we came home to eat our food and we discovered they had completely ruined our burgers.. Not very happy :(


  1. oh dear that sounds terrible!!! you should have gone to that organic cafe we went to!
    The pic of Tash with leaves is lovely by the way x

  2. IT WAS SHUTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING was shut :(

    thanksyou :D