Wednesday, 8 June 2011

 I did an activity with the children at my workplacment childcare center. We made little rock critters! Mines the pink one hehe.

This is also another activity I did with them last week. We cut out shapes and glued them on gold carboard poster paper :)

Since I've last posted on my blog, Luke has moved out. I've cleaned the loungeroom completley. Feels good to have a nice clean house!

As I was sorting through some of my old things in boxes, I came accross this necklace my dadda gave me a long time ago. I love it!!!!, but the string is a little broken so I dont want to wear it incase it breaks and the little man falls off.

Loungeroom Wallpaper!

Meet Fleur! She will be moving in sometime in July. She is one of Natasha's friends. Fleur and a friend took a visit up to Sydney on the weekend so she could meet simon before she moves in. They decided to go out for a night in the cross,they  had never actually been there before so I can imagine they had a night filled with adventure! They took our advise and went to 77.

One of Tim's delicious creations.


I have been geting a bit more work in Gymnastics, Ive been working out at the Caringbah YMCA. The gym is GIGANTIC!! I'm really excited to do more work there!

Just a few more photos from the TrashGlam shoot. 

This is my first attempt of photoshop :)

I have a very busy week this week. I am going to be in a Ministry Of Sound music video on friday night, and tomorow afternoon a Chanel V commercial. WOWEEEE!!! I have costumes to plan and lots to do.

                          Picture from today.


  1. Re string the necklace using the original string or thin leather - you can get from lots of places - best to try shoe repairers for this cause its STRONG good leather thonging.
    x C

  2. I check this blog everyday but its not updated enough!!