Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dance your bananas off!!

Last Thursday after my Kinder gym classes I raced into the city for the Chanel V commercial at a club called NeverMind on oxford street. I had an awesome day, met lots of people, made some friends and danced a hole lot.  My hair and makeup was done, curly hair!! I loved it. I looked a little like Madonna.


On Friday night I headed over to Annandale with Tash to shoot the Ministry Of Sound Music video, to our shock, it was outdoors!! Bloody freezing. Getting changed & touch ups in the car was not that fun, but the rest was wicked. It was shot behind some old abandoned terrace houses, with old car wrecks, fires and some scaffolding to climb on.. We shot from around 8pm-11pm which was much better than what we thought, it originally had meant to go till 2am!! There were people crowded around on the street watching, lady’s with their dogs, families, and mostly everyone I sore had snow jackets on! wonder I am so sick now :(
We made friends with this girl called Charlotte, she was super nice. She’s going to be at another music video me and Tash are doing this Sunday.

On Set!

On set.


AH, that shoot I did for WildLife Hair didnt turn out that good. It looks like I have a bung tooth! Whats going on???

On Tuesday, which was yesterday, I drove to Paddington in the City to go see a man called Anthony at  Christopher Hanna about my hair! A girl at the chanel V shoot was doing some hair modeling and one of the other models with the same sort of hair as me droped out so she sent Anthony a picture of me. He liked my look and the shoot is on the 26th …WOOO!

Last night Tash and I took a train to town hall for a meeting for the music video on Sunday. It usually takes us 15-20 to get to the city but last night it took us an hour, because there was a power surge at Arncliffe Station and the trains were going super slow! It sucked balls because we were late to the meeting, it started at 7pm we walked in the door at 7:45pm..haha fashionably late! We had subway for dinner after and I spilt all the sauce on my crotch and did an awful lot of swearing on the quiet  train carriage home.

I purchased $20 worth of vegetables today and made a delish salad to go with dinner! YUMMO


  1. my god, the salad looks epic!!! me want:( Charlote looks reeeely nici, and guess what - bananas are coming down in price so you really will be able to dance your bananas off hahahahahaha weeeeeee
    & your teeth do NOT look funny - u r just focussing on a minor thing that you cant even c! This is actually one of the best pics of you I have seen - it really looks like who u really r. xxxx

  2. The teeth pic u so worried about shoud have been the one I reckon that you put on the model sites cause you can c all of your face