Sunday, 22 May 2011

Flying catterpillars is not my thing!

I took myself over to North Sydney on Saturday morning to do some training  for my new fairy job, pretty easy I just went to one of the fairy parties and took notes down :) it was lots of fun I’m so very excited to start doing my own parties!! Catherine my boss said that I should be starting to go along to parties with the other entertainers just to get some more training. Catherine’s really good at puppetry she had a cute little owl called Pop O, and face painting and oohhh so  many cool things..and and andddddddd she said they have done parties for Collette Dinnigan, Jimmy Barnes  and other famous people….thats soo amazing! I love Jimmy Barnes and so did my dadda.

Catherine gave me a costume to take home, to use for my training, my actual own fairy dress is getting made I think..weeee my own fairy dress!

After  spending the morning stuck in traffic and driving all around the place me and Natasha drove down to Kiama to see Tim, got down there very late, didn’t stay long, ate some honey chicken and left my makeup bag in his car! Thank goodness his friend Abe is driving back to Sydney today so I can go pick it up..annoying!

We stoped off at Buli Lookout because I needed a break from driving. We happend to come accross a lovely wedding.

Last weekend I caught the train down to Gerringong to see Timmy and go to his friends Birthday Party in Jambaroo. I rugged up very well with 3 jumpers a jacket, pants with tights underneath, a beanie and was one of the coldest nights I have ever experienced..only problem was that a couple of people asked if i was wearing pajamas..NOOOOOO I WAS NOT!!.. Fun party, they had a spit roast and soo much food, we ate a lot! We ended up getting kinda stuck out there and had to get a $80 taxi back to Tims house…not goood. But I had a lovely weekend anyway.

I have needed a new pair of these for ages! So cute. Thankyou Marrickville Asian shops.



  1. hahaha pyyamas thats hilarious u should hav said they were - prob would have started a whole new trend - in 6mths time there could have been thousands of people walking all over Sydney and Gong with their jarmies on hahahahaha

  2. :/ yeah but why would I say they are pajamas when they arnt...its a lie.