Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday Shoot!

So cold my window was frosty!

Trying to decide what to wear!

Mouth full of coffee and out the door we go!

WAIT...I found a pritty feather.

Flowers still blossoming so lovely in winter. Just outside my house.


                               And off we went....

I always notice this sign going to work. I think its a construction company ..cockram..who would ever think of such a name? hahhaha

I had a shoot for TrashGlam clothing today
This is TrashGlam

We are heavily influenced by the Japanese street fashion and fantasy which are the solid aesthetics behind most of the construction. I’ve combined my love for 80’s punk with high fashion avant-garde couture, thus the birth of Trashglam.- Trashglam

The shoot was at a cute little studio in Leichart.

I took my camera along and got them to take a few snaps :)


I'm just back in surry hills again at the little terrace house, geting Tims other foot tattood..Im geting very hungry I havent had time to have lunch or dinner, just musli bars and mandarinss AH empty stomache, Kebab for dinner?

I think the tattoo is almost finished. YAY!!!!

What a big day!