Wednesday, 18 May 2011

whats beeen going onn??

I got these about a week and a half ago. SO MANY MANDARINS. I've been eating so many. There is only 5 left :D
I purchased this for $13

My Mum came up to Sydney for a few nights last week. I had the best 3 days. I love her to bits and peices! Too bad I wrecked the picture haha.

While Mum was here she taught me how to make home made chocolates...YUM. They were delish!

 Natasha and I had a day out at the beginning of the week. We went to a few opp shops and then out to lunch. It was lovely.


Jacket I found while shopping YAY!!!! New fave!

Thankyou Jasmin for this dress :)

This is what I wore to the Movie Casting today :)


  1. Tashis is weeee luvly wat a gal, luv the jacket boo

  2. ate my last two mandies last night yumo soooo good

  3. I got some more today but not a box just a bag :D:D YUMMMMMM eating one now

  4. ps. that photo of you is cute i dont know what you talkin bout...look at my head