Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Busy Busy Little Bumble Bee

Having a blog is sometimes a bad idea. I feel bad I haven’t been on my blog in about a week…eeeek! I have been very busy indeed.
Well, that Children’s entertainer job that I went for……I GOT IT!!! I ‘m over the moon about it! Finally stuff starts to pay off!

I finally found the Kotex Commercial I was in, click on the link to see more

I also recently did a shoot in Darlington with Nathan Hendry which was pretty fucking cool, lots of paint, paint tins and all sorts of crazy stuff, it makes me very happy  I had the oppourtunnity to do a shoot like this as my dad was a painter, he passed away only recently :(

Natasha came along with me to keep me company and they ended up doing her hair and makeup and they took photos of the both of us, the Makeup artist was  this cool little chick whos been in the navy for the last few years…I learnt there is a lot of benefits from working from the army or navy, they pay for your house rent and stuff..wowzerrrrrrrs.

Here are some of the results.

My agency sent me a message late tuesday arvo asking if I could make it to a casting in Redfern today for a Movie called ‘THE 20 SOMETHING SURVIVAL GUIDE’  I don’t know much about the movie, all I know is that I applied for the character of Gypsy – a tattooed waitress. I had to learn a script…I've never done that before, I was super nervous so I am not too sure if I got the part or not..hopefully I’ll find out soon.

I'm still super busy and have alot of things to organise...goodbye for now~

Ps. I should have some clothes up here for sale soon I just need to go pick up my giant collection from darlinghurst tommorow night, ill take some snaps and get them up here asap.

PPS. go have a look and buy somethingg :)


  1. you could practice scripts with Tash. Just need small paragraph out of magazine or watever! Might help to make u feel mor prepared if you do it again x

  2. thats a good idea, its not the fact that I had to remember it its the fact that I didnt know the story line of the movie...turns out its about some dude with testi cancer whos frozen some sperm and is trying to meet up with his ex girlfriends so they will have his baby...I had no clue of the storyline untill i got there...I think I was a bit too young for the part all the other girls were alot older and the main character cancer guy is i'm not sure if I will fit in that well.

  3. ah well liv and learn, oi that pic of me is sooooo bad, u either stest me out severely or I really look like that how embarrasment x