Wednesday, 4 May 2011


This morning I had work placement at a childcare centre I go to once or twice a week. I have something like 100 hours to complete of workplace assignments and work placement, I think I’ve done around 30  so far…still so many hours to go.

I spent the morning walking around the backyard of the centre with a group of children following me, we went looking for bugs! We found lizards, lady beetles and a caterpillar. It is so amazing how the children aren’t scared of the bugs, they just pick them up and look at the bugs crawling on their fingers. There are these two little bubbas who are brothers, and they like killing anything they find! :\

Before I left the teacher was reading a story about road safety and the characters were “ Timothy” and “ Jasmin” hahaha that’s my boyfriend and his sisters names...I had a little giggle.

When I got home I had a message left on my phone from  a lady called Catherine, she runs a business called ‘ Finding Fairyland ‘. I applied for a job as a children’s entertainer yesterday and well…I HAVE AN INTERVIEW  on Monday!! :D It is all weekend work, very good pay! I don’t really want to work weekends as this is the time when I see Tim, my mum or I do modelling..but as if id be doing 5 or 6 children’s parties a weekend…I’d probably only do one or two..and they only go for a couple of hours.. I am so stoked. I hope I get this job…

I am going to make my lunch and off to Marrickville I go for afterschool care!! I made enough dinner last night