Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I've been dreaming about these pants!

Hmm yes, its 5:00am. I should not have woken up my alarm goes off at 5:45..whoopsies! I just seemed to wake up...more awake than ever, so up I got and found myself a nice crisp fresh apple from the bottom of the fridge. No point trying to get back to sleep..ill only wake up more tired!
I'm only working until 10:00 this morning...Not very long at all, I should defiantly take myself to the shop to some delicious fruit and vegetables, as my fridge is getting pretty empty.
I do feel like a coffee..but NO I need to be feeling 100% better before I start drinking that stuff again.( I have a bad cold), I'll just have tea instead.

Bexley Town 5:00am

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