Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Well..Tuesday was sort of...lazy!

After getting out of the shower and scouring the house for any leftover Easter chocolate , I had to settle with a BOX of tiny teddies. I have sat down to have a proper look at the photos me and Tasha took this afternoon..I do like them, it would have been cool if we could have had more snaps taken together..god dam my tripod..does not do the job very well!!
I had a pretty awesome day today..slept in! Had a late breakfast/lunch..got dressed  up  with tash and played around with my camera..kind of lazy day..Ohwell, back to work tomorrow! Early start- 7am..UGHHHHHHHHHHHH Seriously wayyy to early! 
I should probably try and get some of these tiny teddy biscuit crumbs out of my bed and go to sleep.. I'm going to need all the energy I can get for tomorrow's adventures!! I can just imagine the kids are going to be crazy..
Well..goodnight. I will be back here again tomorrow with more interesting things..I'm starting to get a tad obsessed..
Here is a little something from Saturday night..I went down to Wollongong Entertainment Center to see BOB DYLAN liveee!! It was truly amazing, I feel blessed to have seen such a wonderful person. He was one of my dads favorite singers!

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