Thursday, 28 April 2011


I just got home to find Simon ( our landlord)  cleaning the pool, thank fucking Christ!!! Its been dirty for about two months…. Not that you would wanna go swimming any way  its soooo god dam cold! It has been all day. You know what else it has been? RAINYYYYY so so rainy, literally bucketing down. The Sun  has only just started to come out from behind those dirty looking clouds, I guess all this rain is making our environment nice, so I shouldn’t really complain!


At last some evening sun!

Work was okaaayy, I was working with Jess this morning, I love her!! She is so funny, she made me laugh from the time I walked into work till the time I left! I also had my Kindergym classes to teach, not many kids  today, I think it must have been too rainy or maybe the bubbas ate too much chocolate from Mr Rabbit and didn’t fit in their mumma and daddas car to get to Gym..Haha ow the bubbas are so cute, I am going to try and get some pictures up on here from my gymnastics classes but its just hard because you’re not supposed to take photos of children, without getting their parents full permission..guess I can just bring my camera along and ask the parents while they are there! Yay!

I did a bit of a shop this afternoon as I was running out of a few things and I needed to stock up on cookies, snacks and toilet paper haha.      
It was Natasha’s 17th Birthday on Monday…so while I was at the shops I tried to find her  a little present  and a cake as well!  I  managed to pick up a few bargains at the shops..I’m a little excited.

Nomm- 3 for $5
2 pairs $10
3 pairs-$9

Leopard Print Umbrella..Finally
Floral Sneakers- $6
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For Natasha-Blue Lacey Undies-Purple Nail Polish-Dark eyeshadow + cute little sequin bag.


  1. only one person i know who could find leopard print umbrella and almost leopard print earrings! mmm boo