Friday, 29 April 2011


I’m sitting up in the top room of one those cute terrace houses in Surry Hills watching Tim shave his foot He is just about to get inked the tattooist is this Russian girl Nataly, she does awesome tattoos..and for a shit load cheaper than usual tattoo shops  but she’s only ever in Australia for a short period of time. So stoked we could fit in some time to see her. She’s really cool, has her own clothing line and stuff, and she’s obsessed with leopard print like MEEE and she has some crazy storiess! Nataly filled in the gap on the back of my arm with a picture I had in mind..looks pretty funky, but is covered in gladwrap  so I cant put a picture up yet, I will defiantly put some up later! Tim has to come back again here on Sunday to get the other foot .

Nataly. Cool

Stressed a little as Tim only got up to Sydney at around quarter to 1 and we had to be in Surry Hills by  1pm and find a parking spot, parking sports are awful hard to find in the city and they are usually no longer than 1-2 hours, but we had some luck.. We found a petrol station and Tim asked the  petrol man dude at the counter nicely if he could park his car at the petrol station for the day because he was getting his feet tattooed… even though it say’s 15 mins parking ,the petrol man dude agreed and we had somewhere to park..sweeeeet!

I spent the morning cleaning the house before Tim drove up so at least we have a clean house to come home to with a stocked up fridge and cupboards, not that we are going to want to make something after being here all day..It’s already 4pm.. haha looks like THIA for dinner!

Cute places in Surry Hills

Outline finished. Colour time

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